Hedge Fund Services

SS&C GlobeOp is one of the leading fund administrators for both onshore and offshore hedge funds, leveraging proprietary technology and expertise to deliver outsourcing services that meet your business objectives.

As a top 10 independent hedge fund administrator, SS&C GlobeOp uniquely provides:

Expertise - SS&C GlobeOp’s dedicated hedge fund accounting, tax and operations staff all have extensive industry experience and subject matter expertise with all strategies. We help you to achieve your goals.

Technology - SS&C GlobeOp’s hedge fund administration infrastructure is based on our market leading proprietary hedge fund software solutions. Use the software we use – many of the industry’s best names run on SS&C software.

Service - SS&C GlobeOp’s client focused fund services model, efficient operating procedures for daily, weekly and monthly processing, accounting, and shareholder services, and our strong processing centers in multiple jurisdictions all ensure top-quality customer support. Our global solution meets your global needs.

Fund Services

SS&C GlobeOp Portal

Integrated web-based solutions to securely access critical information with the simplicity of cloud delivery

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Independent Fund Services for Hedge Funds

Back Office

  • Management and Incentive Fee Calculations
  • Fund Accounting
  • Fee and Expense Tracking
  • Partnership Accounting
  • Fund and Investor Tax Reporting
  • Financial Statement Preparation (GAAP and IFRS)
  • Audit Support

Transfer Agency/Shareholder Services

  • Onshore and Offshore Shareholder Services
  • Subscriptions/Redemptions
  • USA Patriot Act, KYC and AML

Middle Office Services

  • Trade Clearance and Settlement
  • Prime Broker Trade Notification
  • Profit and Loss (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • Risk Management Interface
  • Transparency

Investor Services

  • Maintain all investor records
  • Onshore and offshore shareholder servicing
  • Subscription and redemption processing
  • AML/KYC validation and tracking
  • Workflow management
  • Confirmation and statement processing