Enterprise Performance Measurement and Attribution Solution


Sylvan is a robust performance measurement and sophisticated attribution solution that includes powerful benchmark management capabilities. It also incorporates a composite management system to fully support compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). With enhanced ex-post risk metrics and workflow management functionality, Sylvan delivers a comprehensive solution to the investment management industry through an integrated platform.

In an investment industry where an increasing number of attribution methodologies are employed, Sylvan’s User Defined Attribution (UDA) allows performance professionals the flexibility to define and implement customized attribution solutions. Whether it is the granularity of security level attribution or the return decomposition fixed income that attribution provides, UDA has the functionality and reach to meet the demands of today’s investment firms and their performance attribution processes.


Sylvan offers performance measurement, attribution, composite management, ex-post risk measurement and benchmark customization with flexible reporting and analysis.

Sylvan’s™ industry-leading features include:

  • Extensive return calculation functionalities with the flexibility and control to measure performance across all asset classes and security types
  • Advanced benchmark construction capabilities to construct and define custom benchmarks from published market indices, including hedged benchmarks
  • On-demand performance analysis through a library of real-time reports with drill through capabilities, providing clearer results that can be easily communicated
  • Enhanced workflow management that includes retroactive error corrections and post validation functionality to facilitate the formalizing of a workflow model and determination of potential data issues
  • Composite management tools help achieve compliance to GIPS requirements and recommendations while also improving the effectiveness of marketing materials

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