Investor Relationship Management Software


FundRunner Marathon

Customer relationship management, marketing, and fund management

FundRunner Marathon is an advanced investor relationship management (IRM) software that consolidates investor data into a single system so that fund managers raise and retain more investor assets. FundRunner Marathon meets and exceeds the needs of today’s advanced alternative investment managers with a contemporary user interface and improved operational, security, and compliance features.

Hedge funds, private equity funds, and fund of funds use FundRunner Marathon to simplify sales and marketing, actively manage business relationships, and administer investor accounts.

Hedge Fund CRM
Investor relationship management, sales and marketing, fund management.

Private Equity Fund CRM
Pipeline and sale management and reporting, portfolio management, fund raising, investor relationship management.

Fund of Funds CRM
Monitor hedge fund and private equity investments, investor relationship management, sales and marketing.

Institutional Investor Management
A CRM solution for Institutional Investment Managers with direct investment and due diligence features.

Fund Administration Management
A hosted or licensed solution for Fund Administrators with optional components for client/investor access and complex accounting assistance.

Top 10 Most Requested 'Must Haves' for a Hedge Fund CRM

We’ve compiled a list of the most requested features, functions, and services that our customers and prospects in the investment management industry say you will need in order to successfully implement a hedge fund CRM.

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FundRunner InvestorSite

Custom investor portal to deliver investment information and reports

InvestorSite is a custom portal website for your investors that SS&C creates and hosts for you. InvestorSite helps to streamline your communications with investors by giving them direct access to information and reports about their investments.

The InvestorSite portal is designed specifically for you. It provides safe and secure access to information for your investors, while providing you with an online management toolkit so you have control over the flow of information. Best of all, SS&C takes care of the hosting and technical implementation for you.