Investor Transaction Processing Solution – Seamless electronic document processing and workflow


SS&C’s e-Investor provides an end-to-end investor transaction processing platform designed to automate the delivery, completion, submission, and tracking of all investor transactions. When coupled with SS&C’s e-Fulfillment, the solution delivers targeted marketing material and subscription documents through a secure web interface to potential investors, with detailed activity tracking. The investor (or financial advisor) can complete the subscription document online, leveraging e-Investor’s extensive and flexible data validation and dependency rules.

Risky Business: Using Paper to Process Investor Transactions

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e-Investor allows you to:

  • Validate and verify entered data prior to submitting transaction documents for processing
  • Provide subsequent transaction types to existing investors or financial advisors – redemptions, transfers, changes, etc., are processed in a secure, efficient and transparent manner
  • Easily view transactions, identify trends, spot issues and forecast investment activity
  • Execute automated workflows to assign and manage the documents through the review and approval process via customizable checklists by fund and document type
  • Integrate with downstream or upstream systems, eliminating redundant data entry and reducing processing cycles
  • Reduce the risk in your investor transaction processing while gaining efficiencies and closing the loop between your prospects and your clients

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Reduce risk, add transparency and create efficiencies with e-Investor’s automated transaction processing and workflow framework.