Portfolio Management and Partnership Accounting Software for Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Fund of Funds, and Private Equity Funds

Total Return™

If you are a family office or alternative investment fund concerned about controlling and reducing operational risk, you need a single front- to back-office solution to ensure you have a solid operational foundation in place. Total Return is a portfolio management, investment accounting, partnership accounting and general ledger system built for the alternative investment fund and family office market.

Total Return is a multi-currency system designed to support the complex securities, sophisticated investment strategies and multi-tiered ownership structures that characterize the family office and alternative investment fund market.

SS&C GlobeOp’s Total Return™

Total Return is the system of choice across the hedge fund/family office industries by delivering the right solutions for start-up firms as well as large, global organizations.

The benefits of using Total Return include:

  • Support for complex securities solutions, among them sophisticated investment strategies, multi-tiered ownership structures, multi-currency investment management and tax and regulatory requirements
  • Increased operational efficiency, with valuable time gained for critical partnership accounting and tax processing
  • Reduced infrastructure costs, courtesy of Total Return's single database structure, which eliminates reconciliation of disparate modules
  • Sophisticated portfolio management, which allows you to handle all types of securities and automate corporate actions processing
  • Advanced general ledger functionality, including trial balance, balance sheet, income statement and financial statement generation at multiple levels
  • Complete partnership accounting, with automated processing of capital-based or shares-based fund valuation, income and expense allocation to partners, management and fee calculations, and production of robust partnership reports
  • Scalable and flexible architecture that matches your present and future business needs with flexible delivery options, including license and ASP

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Total Return
Comprehensive portfolio management, accounting and partnership accounting software specifically designed for private wealth funds, including support for sophisticated investment strategies, multi-tiered ownership structures, unique tax and regulatory requirements and complex reporting needs.

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