Real Estate Partnerships Software

TNR Solution™ for Real Estate provides Portfolio and Fund Managers with the tools they need to track and manage property deals and relationships at the Fund and Investor level.

Transparent information is a common demand from investors and the people who need to make strategic decisions within investment organizations. Whether you're an owner, advisor or investor, having the right information at your fingertips is essential to making informed, strategic decisions to optimize fund and portfolio performance.

SS&C GlobeOp TNR Solution

TNR is comprised of modules that can be implemented individually or together based on client’s needs. Its customizable interface and user-friendly design help to streamline data entry and provide significant time savings for transaction processing.

Contact Management, CRM

  • Store contact and company information like addresses, emails, phone numbers, classifications, and descriptions
  • Customizable categories and grouping options allow users to filter records and create distribution lists
  • Two-way synchronization with Outlook for efficient contact record creation and updates
  • Manage relationships between contacts and companies with graphical relationship mapping tools
  • Integration with Outlook for automatic capture of emails and appointments for all business contacts
  • Document management utility stores all types of files for companies and contacts with flexible categorization and security features
  • Instantly upload multiple documents using drag and drop technology or the integrated document splitting tool (K1s, Financials, Calls, Distributions)
  • Sophisticated version control mechanism allows users to maintain multiple iterations of each document and track changes
  • Comprehensive search screens with integrated full text indexing for searching documents, contracts, emails, notes and appointments
  • Fulyl integrated with TNRmobile for instant access to contact and company records

Fund Raising/Investor Relations

  • Capture prospective investor attributes like classification, location, size and investment preferences.
  • Intuitive, customizable activity dashboard improves visibility into the fund raising pipeline and maintains a history of all investor activity.
  • Store all marketing and legal documents for each investor and utilize the global PPM tracking dashboard for quick access to PPM delivery history.
  • Integration with Outlook to retain all correspondence, appointments and notes for firm-wide consolidation of activity.
  • One-click exports, imbedded fund raising-specific reports and a custom report wizard allow for fast and flexible data output.
  • Simple reclassification from a prospect to committed partner means only entering the investor once, with full retention of all historical correspondence and documents.
  • TNR Mobile allows users to enter and retrieve prospect and contact details, meeting notes, and custom fund raising reports online via laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Fund Management

  • Single entry transactions allocate to partners, update PCAP balances, post general ledger entries, and update all corresponding reports.
  • Supports master-feeder funds, blockers, holding companies, SPVs (including AIVs), and multilevel structures.
  • Automated Transfer of Interest function reallocates commitments and fund/portfolio activity from one LP to one or more LPs.
  • Access data on screen for easy reconciliation and analysis of fund and partner activity, with one click exports to Excel.
  • Automated customizable Management Fee and Waterfall calculations.
  • Industry standard allocation methods and the ability to create custom allocation methods on the fly.
  • Over 15 attributes per transaction allow the system to be tailored to client specific requirements.

Fund Accounting

TNR Solution™ simplifies the most complicated Private Equity fund structures by automating workflow for traditional Limited Partnerships as well as Multilevel Funds, Master-Feeder Funds, Parallel Vehicles, Employee Funds, Secondary Funds, co-investment vehicles, Holding Companies and other structures.

  • Tracks partners, commitments and multiple closings.
  • Supports multi-currency investors and investments.
  • Transaction drill-down for investors and investments.
  • Supports multiple structures and hierarchies.
  • Full document management including global search capability and document version control.
  • Flow-through processing allocates through entire fund structure.

Portfolio Management

  • User defined investment profile screens available to track all investment attributes and characteristics.
  • Track multiple rounds of investment in an asset by different tax lots and supports LIFO, FIFO and weighted average relief methods.
  • Record equity, loans, warrants, options.
  • Book complex portfolio transactions like sells, conversions, cost/share adjustments, short sells, PIKs, write offs/write downs, splits, valuations and any income/expense using easy to use and intuitive transactions screens.
  • Supports multi-currency investments and calculates F/X differences.
  • Seamlessly updates fund accounting records, allocates to partners, and posts GL instructions.
  • View portfolio metrics, data points, and performance calculations on screen or with portfolio reports.
  • Imbedded capitalization tables track other participant’s ownership %s.
  • Retain all due diligence information within investment entity for data congruity.

General Ledger

  • Integrated general ledger available for all investing entities within the partnership's structure, including GP entities, SPVs and holding companies
  • Customizable chart of accounts tailored to fit each fund's accounting methodology
  • Dynamic ledger screen allows users to filter and group the GL for date ranges, book or tax balances, by rollup or sub accounts, account name or type
  • Provides users with an ability to drill down into each account to see the details of the underlying Fund and Portfolio transactions
  • Advanced operations include check writing, bank reconciliation, fiscal year closing and inter-entity accounting
  • Export all GL account balances and underlying activity to Excel with one mouse-click
  • Allows for workflow and review processess to be put in place, with full audit capabilities
  • Integrates with third-party applications like QuickBooks, Great Plains and Oracle Financials.


  • Includes a repository of more than 100 reports across all the different modules in the application
  • Ability to export reports to multiple formats like PDF, Word and Excel
  • Dynamic Performance Analysis Tool calculates IRRs and TWRs for both the fund and portfolio companies and give users the ability to layer performance by attributes such as industry, region, vintage year, asset type and deal team member
  • End user reporting tool allows users to create new reports from scratch with an easy-to-use design wizard
  • SRS reports available through TNRmobile for instant access to information on mobile devices
  • Sample reports include:

    • Balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows, partners capital account statement
    • Schedule of investments, portfolio performance, fund IRR, partner IRR
    • GL summary, trial balance, bank reconciliation, AR/AP reports
    • Deal pipeline report, fund raising activity.

Xtranet Web Reporting

  • Provides a secure website for Limited Partners to view fund and investment data:

    • Financial information - commitments, contributions and remaining capital
    • Fund portfolio information - cost, value, description, EBITDA, revenue, board members
    • Documents - capital call and distribution notices, K1s, quarterly and annual financials
    • Run TNR reports dynamically - partners capital balances, cash activity, performance reports
  • No IT knowledge required - setup, management of content and access right assignment is controlled from within the TNR application
  • Automates document posting processes and generates email notifications to LPs for newly posted content
  • Supports federal K-1 parsing through TNR’s proprietary document split and attach utility
  • LPs can update contact information and wiring instructions and are notified via email when the changes are approved
  • Self-service password reset functionality alleviates administrative burdens
  • Activity reports provide insight into Xtranet user logins, clicks, page views and downloads
  • Post marketing material to existing and potential LPs to aid in fund raising efforts


  • Built entirely on the Micrsoft.NET® platform.
  • Leverages ADO.NET, the latest in data access technologies.
  • Uses Crystal Reports® for .NET for quick development, easy customization, and deployment of TNR reports.
  • Works with all ODBC compliant third-party reporting tools.