Reconciliation and Exception Management


Reconciliation and exception management deal with data from across the enterprise on a day-to-day basis, forming an excellent focal point for the application of operational risk controls and policies. Recon is a scalable system that gives you more control over your accounting lifecycle, including account, cash and position reconciliations. With Recon, your organization can cut costs, reduce risk, tighten controls, increase compliance and make more informed decisions.

Recon’s data translation and rules-based matching provide complete flexibility. Recon's end-to-end reconciliation software enhances workflow and leverages superior investigative tools to streamline operational efficiency, while its management oversight and reconciliation reporting provide full visibility into cash, holdings, transactions, trial balances and security masters, allowing you to focus on exceptions and manage your organizational risk.

SS&C GlobeOp's Recon

Recon is a system that efficiently retrieves, captures, validates, matches and reconciles any data between parties.

Recon’s suite of powerful features includes:

  • SS&C’s Data Gathering Service, which collects, aggregates and normalizes data on your behalf
  • A data capture module to provide the ultimate flexibility for the import of data from any internal system or external party, including SWIFT, ISITC and other proprietary formats
  • A powerful rules-based matching engine that compares data, allowing you to set user-defined tolerances and customize your solution
  • Management dashboards, customizable by role, that provide a clear view of your most critical, enterprise-wide data
  • Automatic prioritization of cases, ensuring team members remain focused on the areas of greatest impact
  • A wide range of tools that maximize investigation case flow by allowing you to clear breaks quickly and effectively
  • Efficient report distribution to relevant members of your group via email, printer or shared directory, as well as via the Recon reconciliation software itself

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