Trade Order Management System


Increased trade volume and the need to support multiple locations have made system performance one of the hottest topics for trading systems today.

Antares is a comprehensive front-end trade order management system (TOMS) which enables you to trade multiple assets within one system creating a straight through process and seamless integration from front to back-end.

SS&C GlobeOp’s Antares™

Antares streamlines your trade order process, making it simple and cost-effective to trade and report all types of securities.

Key Features & Functionalities:

  • Multi-asset class: supports all security types (bonds, equities, FX, options, futures, financing agreements, and swaps)
  • Multi-currency and multi-region / trading desk support within one client server application
  • Highly configurable workflow
  • Advanced modeling and rebalancing functions with “what-if” analysis
  • Extensive reporting module
  • Built-in compliance monitoring
  • Integration with real-time data providers
  • Operational risk control via proactive and automated exception handling, workflow management and reconciliation tools
  • Antares Heatmaps offers powerful visualization tools to manage workflow, information and compliance. The application automatically obtains holdings information directly from the Antares database and displays real-time performance details using real-time market data feed. By combining the real-time capabilities of Heatmaps with your Antares holdings information, you can easily obtain current market values, profit & loss and fund impact information
  • Flexible allocations module
  • FIX-enabled with over 360 brokers and venues via the SS&C FIXLink Trading Community
    • Integration with all major custodians and prime brokers
  • Experienced integration and customer service team. Antares is integrated with over one dozen mid and back office systems, including the full range of SS&C mid- and back-office products
  • Delivered via ASP or full deployment basis

Antares is integrated with SS&C MarketTrader, a multi-broker equities & options Execution Management System (EMS). SS&C MarketTrader offers embedded algorithmic strategies from 30+ brokers for US and global markets as well as built-in basic algo-type rules (VWAP, Time Slicing, Wave on Complete). The application provides full global security master for equities and options and Level I/II market data with Times & Sales.

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