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What is CD/OT?

Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories (CD/OT) of the UK is a key component of the UK government’s push for heightened tax compliance among UK taxpayers and the CD/OT jurisdictions. It forces managers to scrutinize and apply due diligence procedures to ensure its investors are properly classified and are paying taxes in their own CD/OT jurisdiction. It also keeps information confidential and consistent.

CDOT dashboard

Keep information confidential and consistent while ensuring investors are properly classified and not avoiding taxes in their own CD/OT jurisdiction.

Key benefits of CD/OT

  • Comprehensive investor-based UK compliance and implementation service
  • Assists in the classification of “pre-existing” investors and implements classification of “new investors” in line with CD/OT compliant policies and procedures, including the collection of self certification forms
  • Tracks due diligence by investor and by user with complete signoffs and audit trails
  • Provides a scalable and robust CD/OT process
  • Captures investor data and CD/OT attributes