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FundHub - Defining your alternatives strategy

FundHub investor solution from SS&C GlobeOp

If you are investing in alternative funds, FundHub from SS&C GlobeOp has a platform that can assist in making your investment decisions. FundHub has been designed to provide investors with analytics, due diligence, and transparency.

What is FundHub?

FundHub is a web-based tool to build and manage your alternative investment portfolio. Strategies and funds are modelled using return based data with preferred ratios to rank alternative investment funds.

As an investor with FundHub you can:

  • Analyze and review performance of both existing and potential alternative investment fund holdings, regulatory, and static data from multiple data sources
  • Create portfolios with detailed performance tracking, NAV generation, and trial balance comparison support
  • Manage funds, documents, investors, contracts, subscriptions, redemptions, and other related data all within a fully integrated environment


Track performance and create usable analytics with our user friendly interface.

FundHub - Gain exposure with SS&C

FundHub manager solution from SS&C GlobeOp

If you are looking to gain exposure to prospective investors, FundHub from SS&C GlobeOp provides a platform that allows investors to interact with funds. By publishing fund performance metrics to FundHub managers give investors the ability to analyze and model a potential investment in your fund. Users of FundHub include capital allocators such as pension funds, fund of funds, institutional investors, and family offices.

As a manager with FundHub you can:

  • Decrease reliance on external marketing for capital raising
  • Expose your fund to a large network of qualified investors
  • Utilize the built in electronic DDQ workflow