Middle Office Outsourcing

GoTrade+™ - Certainty for complex trades. You trade we do the rest.

Our Middle Office Outsourcing solution, GoTrade+, is a first class and highly flexible service for complex investment portfolios. Available as a stand-alone OTC derivatives service, or as a complete commoditized end-to-end solution, GoTrade+ is designed to fit within a client’s existing infrastructure. GoTrade+ “plugs” into the trade source and manages everything “after the trade” delivering clean trade data to the back office system seamlessly.

Real-Time Post-Trade Services

GoTrade+ automates trade capture as trades occur over a real-time web-based portal providing full transparency and instant access to trade life cycle status, relevant documents, valuations, exposures, collateral and cash positions. It enables clients to trade with confidence in the knowledge that the most complex trades will be followed through by a highly experienced and expert team.


Certainty for complex trades. You trade we do the rest

Key Features

  • Automated trade capture
  • Transparency and control over business processes
  • A single-source scalable loan processing service to increase efficiency and reduce document sharing
  • Open-architecture reconciliation tool to reconcile trades, values and cash to the market and front office systems
  • Business process control system that checks and controls tasks and procedures in a transparent and auditable way
  • Independent valuation and verification services using market standards
  • End-to-end independent collateral management or verification for OTC derivatives and repos
  • Identification of trade risk exposures in a timely, comprehensive and configurable reporting suite Flexible, bespoke reporting via SS&C GlobeOp's web portal
  • Flexible risk analytics

Middle-Office Expertise

The Middle-Office Outsourcing team have extensive experience of hedge fund servicing and provides a pro-active expert service that is independent, transparent and timely. Product knowledge includes OTC, cleared and listed derivatives, equities, bonds, repos, securities and loans.

GoTrade+ is a tailor-made, reliable solution providing the immediacy of information that will fit with existing infrastructures. A gold record of positions is accessible in real-time covering profit and loss accounting, production of daily valuations and NAV's, using multiple methodologies for unusual and complex instruments.

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