OTC Services

SS&C GlobeOp's OTC service gives you the confidence of full OTC derivatives trading and lifecycle management. All asset classes are covered and we leverage our technology and links to dealers and industry resources so our clients don’t have to build and worry about maintaining their own. Our innovative outsourced solution offerings are available to hedge funds, asset managers, custodians, mutual funds and other firms for OTC valuation, document and collateral management, reconciliations, settlement and risk reporting infrastructure.

“The firm has a well-deserved reputation for being able to handle OTC derivatives and other complex investment products, a skill that has attracted sophisticated clients whose investment strategies rely on these esoteric instruments.” – FTSE Global Markets, February 2012.

Key Benefits

  • Full OTC derivatives trading and lifecycle management
  • Covers all asset classes
  • Leverages SS&C GlobeOp’s proprietary technology: you don’t have to build and maintain your own
  • Utilizes our links to dealers and industry resources
  • Allows you to subscribe for only the services you need –collateral management
  • Scalable: you can utilize derivatives in your portfolio while maintaining high standards of control
  • Real-time transparency supports having complete records and history for your auditors

Accurately valuing OTC derivatives

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Other OTC Services Features and Options

  • Identify, report and resolves breaks (or disagreements) in derivative positions between the fund and external party
  • Daily collateral management
  • Tolerance checking that valuation complies with the fund's stated process and sourcing policy document
  • Robust, scalable, web-based system
  • Efficient market-tested alternative to the cumbersome spreadsheets that challenge many funds
  • Transparent, real-time view of effective OTC derivatives processing, settlement, cash and position reconciliation, collateral management and documentation management
  • SS&C GlobeOp processes more than 65 different OTC instrument types for 100 clients and approximately 90,000 OTC positions
  • Combined with GoRisk ® the OTC solution supports mutual fund compliance with UCITS III requirements in Europe
  • OTC and risk services are available on a stand-alone basis or together with SS&C GlobeOp's Middle- and Back-Office and Fund Administration services
  • SS&C GlobeOp’s direct real-time DTCC® link fully integrates credit derivative confirmations, auto-novation and payment matching via straight-through processing (STP) into trade booking, accounting, risk and other systems
  • Automation efficiencies include a single point of status monitoring for managers, fewer outstanding actions and reduced costs and risks of error by replacing spreadsheet uploads and manual trade submissions