Valuation Control

SS&C GlobeOp is a global leader in providing independent financial asset valuation solutions to hedge funds, fund of funds, pension funds, banks, custodians and other buy-side institutions.

“The role of the independent valuation provider is to evaluate the manager’s policy against best practice, including how it is applied,” says Jon Anderson, Global Head of Valuations and OTC Derivatives at SS&C GLobeOp, in a 2012 interview with Hedge Funds Review. “A process that is transparent, controlled and consistent gives investors a fairer understanding of the risks they are taking.”

According to Mr. Anderson, he has noticed “the rise of a central valuation specialist [that] recruits best of breed valuation for the different assets in a manager’s portfolio from across the industry.” This model, which he describes as “hub and spoke,” is the model used by SS&C GlobeOp. “We are a vetter and aggregator of the different valuation services, which gives managers access to best practice valuation across the range of their assets,” he says.

Key Benefits

  • Transparency
  • Control
  • Reassurance to creditors, auditors and investors
  • Economies of scale and flexibility in utilizing leading commercial data and pricing sources
  • Clear and consistent reports and analysis for your review and governance
  • Documented audit history for review by financial and regulatory auditors
  • Asset valuation and transparency into the price determination process provided to buy-side stakeholders

Custody Risk Award

SS&C GlobeOp Wins Best Valuation Services Provider 2015

Asset Valuations

  • Third-party rate and price options
  • Best practice valuation methodologies
  • Multiple data and pricing vendor relationships
  • Consistently applied valuation processes
  • Robust infrastructure, high volume capacity

Other Valuation Control Features

  • Comprehensive product coverage, including hard-to-value securities and derivatives
  • Verification offering for asset valuation clients
  • Analysis of valuation sources and methods
  • Customized management reporting, supported by granular detail

Asset Price Verification Offering

  • Substantiation of third-party valuations
  • Support of fair market valuation standards
  • Rigorous valuation processes and tolerance checks
  • Identification and analysis of exceptions
  • Supports of financial and regulatory audit processes