Advanced Investment Performance, Analytics & GIPS Compliance Service

Add Value and Gain Insight with Sophisticated Analysis and Reporting.

Are you looking to accurately measure and report the performance of your funds in a single mouse click? Do you wish to conduct advanced contribution, attribution and ex-post risk analysis without having to dedicate any of your time and resources? Do you need to understand the sources and drivers of your funds’ returns and make more insightful investment decisions?

SS&C leverages a sophisticated, world-class platform and a global team of experts to handle all your ongoing production activities and requests. Enjoy quick access to your data via a state-of-the-art, interactive and customizable web-based dashboard accessible from anywhere.

Advanced Investment Performance and Analytics Service

SS&C offers a sophisticated and innovative world-class service for investment performance measurement, analysis and reporting.

  • Calculation of both time-weighted and money-weighted returns from fund level down to security level across all asset classes
  • Disaggregation of returns, exposures and contributions by any user-definable breakdown (sector, country, region, long /short, asset class, manager, style, currency, market cap, duration band, etc.)
  • Stunning interactive and innovative visual analysis delivery, heat maps, drill-down and report customization capabilities
  • Proprietary analytical methods aimed at understanding the “big picture” and making sensible investment decisions
  • On-the-fly factsheet construction, generation and distribution
  • Interactive “what-if” exposure & performance scenarios simulation
  • Performance attribution analysis using methodologies tailored to various asset classes and the ability to define custom methodologies at the most granular formula level
  • Custom decomposition of returns (gross, net, capital, income, FX, etc.)
  • Multi-currency calculation and reporting capabilities
  • Advanced ex-post risk analysis with multiple metrics across user-defined buckets and time horizons
  • GIPS compositing, reporting and multiple other ongoing requirements fulfillment
  • Advanced benchmark customization and construction capabilities