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Depositary Lite

We know complying with the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (the “AIFMD”), even under the less onerous depositary arrangements of Article 36 of the AIFMD, poses a significant operational challenge for Alternative Investment Fund Managers (“AIFM”s). For a non-EEA Alternative Investment Fund (“AIF”), SS&C GlobeOp’s Depositary “Lite” service helps you meet your obligations in an effective and efficient manner.

Our Depositary “Lite” solution minimizes disruption to existing operating models by satisfying the key functions of cash flow monitoring, safekeeping of other assets and oversight.

SS&C Depositary Services Limited is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, 447534. SS&C Depositary Services Limited joined the Depositary & Trustee Association (‘’DATA’’) as an Affiliate Member, effective 1st May 2015. To find out more about DATA, visit:

Streamlined Operating Model

Existing service providers work with the AIFM to meet the Depositary requirements under Article 36 of the AIFMD.

Key Benefits

Business as Usual
Our solution enables the continuation of your existing business model with your current service providers, minimising disruption to your business

Our experienced team of Depositary specialists will work with you in partnership to meet the demands of the AIFMD

Our segregated Depositary team will ensure that any potential conflicts of interest are addressed and managed, or avoided altogether

Sophisticated Technology
Our proprietary technology allows for an efficient exchange of information between your key suppliers and our Depositary team, reducing the strain on AIFMs

Our service is primarily offered to our administration clients which allows us to offer a competitively priced service to minimise AIF and AIFM costs

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AIFMD Depositary Lite
SS&C GlobeOp’s Depositary Lite service helps you meet your obligations in an effective and efficient manner.

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AIFMD Depositary Lite
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