Managed Accounts

Investors are increasingly interested in the greater capital control and portfolio transparency managed accounts can offer.

A singular advantage of managed accounts is the operational and risk rigor required, such as good process safeguards related to valuation, reconciliations, daily P&L reports and risk analytics.

SS&C GlobeOp serves approximately 250 managed account clients globally. Our managed account platform administration model offers independent middle- and back-office services, integrated risk analytics and daily, in-depth data and reporting tools. Funds and investors are given real real-time monitoring of individual and aggregated fund performance, operational controls and risk reporting.

Services include daily reconciliations, P&L statements and risk analytics across individual and aggregated accounts

  • Position-level reconciled data and reports to facilitate account and portfolio monitoring
  • Independent valuations, reconciliations, risk analytics across all accounts
  • P&L and portfolio valuations across multiple frequencies (NAV)
  • Risk data and attribution
  • Wide range of customizable reports: limit, operational risk, valuation, etc.
  • Performance reporting: online, independently produced

HFMWeek names SS&C GlobeOp Best European Administrator for Managed Accounts 2013

Established managed account expertise is supported by:

  • ISAE 3402 and SSAE No.16 certified operational processes and controls
  • Online, accessible, real-time process transparency
  • A fair market valuation committee
  • Independent escalation of pricing issues
  • A robust, flexible, scalable technology platform representing 1,000 collective person-years of development

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