Fund of Funds Administration

SS&C GlobeOp provides comprehensive shareholder services, custodial services, accounting services and middle- and back-office processing, all tailored to the unique needs of fund of funds.

In addition to accounting, tax and investor services and reporting across hedge fund, investment strategy, fund of funds and investor level, SS&C offers the following additional services to fund of funds:

  • Independent valuation collection from underlying funds
  • Attribution calculations based on underlying strategies, geography or other characteristics
  • Software provided to manage communication and documentation with underlying portfolio funds

SS&C GlobeOp Portal

Integrated web-based solutions to securely access critical information with the simplicity of cloud delivery

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Independent Services for Fund of Funds

Fund of Fund Services

  • Direct collection of statements from underlying funds
  • Direct contact and follow-up with portfolio funds on investment transactions
  • Profit and Loss (Estimate, Final)
  • Performance attribution to strategy, geography, vintage year, etc.
  • Liquidity tracking (Hedge Fund of Funds)
  • Capital call and distribution management and processing (PE Fund of Funds)
  • Detailed tracking and reconciliation of underlying commitments (PE Fund of Funds)
  • Waterfall calculations (PE Funds of Funds)
  • Partnership Accounting
  • Fund and Investor Tax Reporting
  • Financial Statement Preparation (GAAP and IFRS)
  • Audit Support

Transfer Agency/Shareholder Services

  • Onshore and Offshore Shareholder Services
  • Subscriptions/Redemptions
  • USA Patriot Act, KYC and AML

Middle Office Services

  • Trade Clearance and Settlement
  • Prime Broker Trade Notification
  • Profit and Loss (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • Risk Management Interface
  • Transparency