Real Estate & Infrastructure Fund Administration, Investor Services, and Software Solutions

SS&C GlobeOp® is the world’s number one provider of private equity fund administration and a growing force in global real estate, infrastructure, and hard assets servicing. We offer industry-leading expertise in real asset fund administration supported by more than 150 seasoned accounting professionals located across all major global jurisdictions. These professionals are experts in accounting, tax, treasury, regulatory reporting, investor services, depository services, and information technology.

As a specialist in the field of real asset fund administration, SS&C GlobeOp services encompass all aspects in the life of a fund, including consultation in the creation of partnership documents, the offering process, investor and fund manager reporting, tax allocations and partnership closing. In addition, we offer comprehensive front, middle and back-office services and technology solutions for fund and non-fund real estate/infrastructure investors and managers. These include investor servicing and communications, debt servicing and loan management, regulatory compliance, property management, REIT servicing, and resort/timeshare management. Our broad range of clients encompass leading investment managers, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, superannuation funds, endowments, family offices, property owners.

SS&C GlobeOp matches a tailored team of experienced professionals to each client to ensure all needs and expectations are met or exceeded. Our team approach guarantees clear communication among all SS&C GlobeOp resources, providing each client the highest level of service and support. And unlike many other providers in this segment, our services are backed by a wide range of proven software technology that we own and support ourselves for superior automation and straight-through processing.

SS&C GlobeOp has the global resources, comprehensive services, superior technology and experience to service virtually any real asset type, market, or regulatory environment – now or in the future.

Hidden Hazards of Private Equity Operations

The withholding requirement under IRC §1441 and IRC §1446 can be complex and require fairly stringent compliance. Regardless of the fund’s investment strategy, firm policies should be developed to reduce and eliminate penalties and interest, even in the most complex fund structures. Read our whitepaper on Hidden Hazards of Private Equity Operations: Foreign Withholding and Investment Partnerships

Accounting Services

  • Investment and general ledger transactions
  • Financial and capital account statements
  • Capital calls and distributions
  • Investor allocations, including waterfall calculations
  • Record investment valuations
  • Prepare performance calculations
  • Coordinate annual audit of the funds

Real Estate Services

  • Collect and book financial data from property managers – using standard data templates and/or electronic data feeds
  • Record and reconcile monthly cash flows from property assets
  • Book real estate loan activity, including cost, p/l, and realizations
  • Track loan resets, interest rates, and coupon dates

Investor Services

  • Maintain investor databases and perform annual mailing to update all information
  • Perform all follow-up required for defaulting investors
  • Scan all documentation for management and disaster recovery purposes
  • Process all investor mailings, capital calls, distributions, tax estimates and K-1s
  • Web reporting services including via client branded Limited Partner Portal

Treasury Services

  • Open and administer bank accounts
  • Prepare bank and stock reconciliations
  • Track distributions and proceeds
  • Process wire transfers and distribution checks
  • Purchase foreign currency and perform foreign currency transactions

Tax Services

  • Prepare U.S. Federal, State and Local tax returns, and Schedule K-1s
  • Prepare additional entity tax filings and tax estimates as requested by the Client
  • Maintain tax capital accounts and investment roll forwards
  • Collection of K-1s from underlying fund managers, if applicable
  • Provide digital K-1 packages by investor by fund
  • W9/W8 compliance
  • Coordination with CPA firm’s annual tax review

Compliance Services

  • Form PF – Web application allowing for completion of Form PF including status tracking, alerts, data retention, multi-level review and online submission capabilities. SS&C’s Form PF utility can be used on a standalone basis or integrated with the PE Administration Services to streamline data capture.
  • FATCA – SS&C’s comprehensive solution for FATCA compliance enables complete lifecycle assessment to identify, manage and report on the FATCA status of investors, allowing funds to ensure compliance while minimizing business and operational risk.

Professional Services

  • Implementation and historical data conversion
  • Systems training for client users
  • Workflow analysis