Risk Linked Investment Services

The Risk-Linked Investment Market has evolved as an essential risk-transfer mechanism in the primary and catastrophic insurance markets, providing capacity to the industry and offering a compelling alternative investment proposition for investors.

As a licensed Bermuda Insurance Manager and Fund Administrator, SS&C Funds Services (Bermuda) Ltd. provides independent administration services to a variety of ILS structures including closed end funds listed on stock exchanges, master-feeder funds, stand-alone funds, fund of funds and side-cars that require institutional investor reporting. SS&C Funds Services (Bermuda) Ltd. has extensive experience working with these structures through many loss events and has developed best practices geared to the various income allocation methods and fee calculations, while providing transparent investor reporting. Prime has been servicing the specialized requirements of ILS structures, sponsors and managers in the collateralized reinsurance and risk-linked investment market since 2002.

HFMWeek Special Report: Institutional Reporting Solutions in Bermuda

John Whiley, Vice-President at SS&C GlobeOp, discusses the expanding ILS Market and Bermuda’s status as a premier domicile.

Independent Services for Risk Linked Investments

Set Up

  • Provide expertise on fund structure and documentation
  • Dedicated team for conversions and data integration
  • Assist with fund valuation policy
  • Implement operating procedures

Investor Services

  • Monitor receipt of new investor subscriptions and confirm eligibility
  • Process all investor requests to purchase, redeem or transfer fund interests
  • Provide side-pocket reporting
  • Provide customized investor reporting

Accounting Services

  • Reconcile all cash/collateral accounts
  • Verify & value all positions in accordance with fund documents
  • Accrue expenses, allocate profit and loss, and calculate NAV by series
  • Prepare annual financial statements & provide tax reporting


  • Verify and approve all third party payments
  • Prepare agenda and distribute package prior to board meetings
  • Convene director meetings
  • Respond to due diligence queries


  • Verify identity of investors in accordance with anti-money laundering (AML) procedures
  • Screen investors against regulatory watch lists
  • Act as Principle / SAC Representative
  • Assist with regulatory filings

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