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FATCA Compliance Solution

The risks are too great to ignore
At SS&C GlobeOp, we know complying with Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) poses a significant operational challenge. Our approach to FATCA helps you manage your obligations and monitor your compliance.

The SS&C GlobeOp solution for FATCA compliance
Our solution for FATCA compliance provides complete lifecycle assessment to identify, manage, and report on the FATCA status of investors. Our process ensures compliance and minimizes business and operational risk. The service includes:

  • Full support for pre-existing individual/entity investor review and new account review
  • Rapid solution deployment to get ahead of future FATCA compliance deadlines
  • Packaged web-based solution, available as a stand-alone service or part of the SS&C GlobeOp middle and back office services

FATCA dashboard

Follow due diligence procedures closely to confirm investors are properly classified and not avoiding tax.

Key benefits of SS&C GlobeOp FATCA service

  • Handles detailed and time-consuming reviews
  • Eliminates unnecessary overhead costs – no need for temporary employees and continuous internal training
  • Uses industry best practices and proprietary technology to manage your data